ZA Bank Limited (“ZA Bank”) Cash Payout Scheme Promotional Campaign (“Campaign”)

Terms and Conditions (“T&Cs”)

1. The participant (“Participant”) will be eligible to the cash reward in Clause 2 if the conditions below are fulfilled:

1.1  The Participant must be a new customer to ZA Bank since 27th May 2020 and does not hold any product or service with ZA Bank (including but not limited to deposit account and loan account) before 27th May 2020; and

1.2  The Participant redeems the invitation code specific for the Campaign and successfully submit an account opening application with the invitation code between 27th May 2020 and 12th June 2020 (both dates inclusive) (“Account Opening Period”); and

1.3  The Participant passes the internal review which will be completed by ZA Bank upon or after successful account opening; and

1.4  The Participant, on or before 3rd July 2020, makes 2 Successful Referrals as defined in the MGM Programme;and

1.5  The Participant registers for the HKSAR Government’s Cash Payout Scheme (“Scheme”) through ZA Bank between the start date of the Scheme and 31st July 2020 (both dates inclusive) and successfully receives the HK$10,000 cash payout with the designated ZA Bank account (“Successful Registration”).

2. The Participant shall be rewarded with HK$600 cash reward (“Reward”). For the Participant failed to fulfil the Clause 1.4 above, The Participant will be rewarded with HK$100 cash reward each subject to other conditions under clause 1 are fulfilled.


3. Subject to Clause 1, the Participant shall receive his/her Reward in accordance with Clause 2 above if,

3.1  the status of the Participant’s account with ZA Bank remains valid and active. If his/her account is closed, ZA Bank has the right to forfeit the cash reward without prior notice, and no reward will be credited to any other account or through any other means until the status of such account is back to normal.

4. All rewards cannot be transferred, returned, exchanged or converted into other form, unless otherwise specified.

5. ZA Bank reserves the right to adjust, withdraw or cancel the Campaign, the reward, and to amend or revise any of these T&Cs from time to time without prior notice and without assigning any reasons whatsoever.

6. In case of any ambiguity, doubts or disputes arising out of or under any of these terms and conditions or any communications, the decision of ZA Bank is final and conclusive in all circumstances without assigning any reasons whatsoever and no correspondence will be entered into.

7. The Reward cannot be rewarded/used in conjunction with other special promotions, discounts or promotional coupons, nor be transferred or exchanged for cash or other.

8. If the Participant has any enquiries towards the Campaign, please contact ZA Bank at 3665 3665.

9. These T&Cs are governed in all respects by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. The parties submit to the jurisdiction of the courts of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

10. In the event of any discrepancy or inconsistencies between the English and Chinese versions of these T&Cs, the English version shall prevail.

Note: This page does not constitute any offer, invitation or recommendation to any person to enter into any transaction described therein or any similar transaction.

Issued by ZA Bank Limited.