Loan with one fixed rate

Loan with one fixed rate

1.  The promotion of the Loan with one fixed rate (“Loan”) commences from 1 November 2020 to 31 December 2020, both dates inclusive (the “Promotion Period”).

2.  Customer who successfully applied and drawdown a Loan with principal amount of HKD200,000 or above and tenor of 6 months to 24 months during the Promotion Period (“Eligible Customer”) could enjoy the standardize monthly flat rate of 0.07% and Annualized Percentage Rate (“APR”) as below:

Repayment period Monthly Flat Rate APR
6 months 0.07% 1.45%
9 months 1.52%
12 months 1.56%
18 months 1.60%
24 months 1.62%

3.  New bank customer who does not maintain a ZA Bank account during Loan application and receive Preliminary Result of the Loan within the Promotion Period (“New Customer”) will receive a HKD 50 HKTV Mall coupon (“HKTV Mall Coupon”).

a.  New Customer will receive the HKTV Mall Coupon within 6 weeks upon receiving Preliminary Result of the Loan.

b.  HKTV Mall Coupon will be sent to new customer’s email registered for ZA Bank Account.

c.  The usage of HKTV Mall Coupon is subject to the respective terms and conditions of HKTV Mall Coupon.

d.  Each New Customer can receive a HKTV Mall Coupon once only.

4.  The Bank reserves the right to adjust, withdraw or cancel this promotion, and to amend or revise any of these terms and conditions from time to time without prior notice and without assigning any reasons whatsoever. In no event shall the Bank be responsible for any loss or liability which the Customer may suffer or incur as a result of such promotion be adjusted, withdrawn or cancelled. The Customer will be subject to these terms and conditions in force at the time of applying to the Bank for the Loan during the Promotion Period.

5.  In case of any ambiguity, doubts or disputes arising out of or under any of these terms and conditions or any communications, the decision of the Bank is final and conclusive in all circumstances without assigning any reasons whatsoever and no correspondence will be entered into.

6.  These terms and conditions are governed in all respects by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. The parties submit to the jurisdiction of the courts of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

7.  These terms and conditions should read in conjunction with the Bank’s Instalment Loan Terms and Conditions. If there are any inconsistencies between the Instalment Loan Terms and Conditions and the terms herein, the Instalment Loan Terms and Conditions shall prevail.

8.  No other than the Customer and the Bank (includes its successors and assignees) will have any right under the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Ordinance (Cap. 623 of the Laws of Hong Kong) to enforce or enjoy the benefit of any of the provision of these terms and conditions.

9.  In the event of any discrepancy or inconsistencies between the English and Chinese versions of these Terms and Conditions, the English version shall prevail.

10.  ZA Bank employees and the employees of other members of the ZA Group are not eligible for this promotion.

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