“PowerDraw” Promotion Terms and Conditions

1.  The promotion period is from 1 February 2021 to 31 March 2021 (both days inclusive) (“promotion period”).

2.  The Promotion is only applicable to cardholders of ZA Card and who have successfully linked ZA bank account to ZA Coin (“Participant”, or “you”), a third-party reward scheme operated by ZA International Financial Services Limited (“ZAIF”).

“PowerDraw” Chance

3.  Each transaction will be entitled one (1) “PowerDraw” Chance if the transaction has met all the following criteria:

  a.  The transaction is an Eligible Transaction;

  b.  The transaction amount is no less than HKD 10; and

  c.  The transaction is not classified as “Online” transaction under definition in “ZA Card Promotion Terms and Conditions” clause 5;

4.  You can use the “PowerDraw” Chance immediately or keep it in the ZA Bank App.

5.  All “PowerDraw” Chances will be valid for 48 hours starting from receiving them and forfeited after expiry.

6.  Each participant can earn maximum of 20 “PowerDraw” Chances per day.

“PowerDraw” Reward

7.  For Participant who exercises the “PowerDraw” Chance from 8 March 2021 to 31 March 2021 (both days inclusive), each Chance will give a random percentage of rebate from 1% – 324%. Each Chance exercised on the days except from 8 March 2021 to 31 March 2021 (both days inclusive), will give a random percentage of rebate from 0 – 200%.

8.  The Reward is in the form of ZA Coin and shall be credited to your ZA Coin account operated by ZAIF within short amount of time. ZA Bank will use its best endeavour to provide the necessary information to ZAIF to facilitate this purpose, however ZA Bank makes no warranty that the ZA Coins earned will be accurately credited to ZA Coin account operated by ZAIF and accepts no liability for failure or delay in the crediting of ZA Coin to your ZA Coin account for any reason beyond ZA Bank’s control.

9.  The Reward is capped at 1,000,000 ZA Coins (or HKD 10,000) per transaction.

10.  ZA Coin can be redeemed to cash in ZA Bank App at a rate of 100 ZA Coins = HKD 1. Upon successful redemption, the cash will be deposited to your ZA Bank HKD savings account instantly. The monthly cash redemption amount is capped at HKD 10,000. Terms and Conditions of ZA Coin apply for redemption. For details, please visit coin.za.group. ZA Bank is not obliged to notify you of any changes or latest announcements of ZAIF.

11.  If the ZA Coin unit earned is not an integer, we will adjust the ZA Coin to the nearest integer.

12.  In the event of any illegal, fraudulent or abnormal transacting behaviour by a Participant during the participation of “PowerDraw”, the Bank shall cancel such person’s rewards earned and/ or entitlement to these rewards, and reserve the right to take any necessary legal action. The abnormal transaction behaviour includes but not limited to the act of frequent refund or cancellation of transactions.

13.  If a transaction has been reversed or cancelled (including partial or full reversal or cancellation), ZA Bank will deduct the reward earned in the transaction (if any) and/ or cancel the right to earn reward and will NOT grant a new PowerDraw Chance on the new transaction(s) derived from the reversal or cancellation. If your ZA Coin balance is insufficient, we will deduct an amount from your Savings Account corresponding to the cashback able to be made from the units of ZA Coin you earned in relation to the original transaction.

Eligible Transactions

14.  Eligible Transactions means retail transactions made with ZA Card but does NOT include the following:

  a.  Insurance payment;

  b.  Payment to Inland Revenue Department;

  c.  Payment to merchant in gambling and betting;

  d.  Payment in relation to crypto-currencies;

  e.  Payment to financial institutions, including dealers / brokers;

  f.  Money transfers to personal accounts;

  g.  Purchases of foreign currencies, money orders or traveler’s cheques

  h.  Quasi-cash transactions

  i.  Digital wallet top-ups;

  j.  Octopus top-ups;

  k.  Payments of financial charges or fees;

15.  The list of eligible transactions may change from time to time and ZA Bank has no obligation to notify you of such change or clarify which transactions are ineligible before you conduct a transaction. ZA Bank will try its best to explain to you the category of the transaction. ZA Bank will not guarantee that the transaction is eligible for the Reward and will not be liable to you whatsoever for the Reward due to any ineligible transaction .

General Terms

16.  The promotion cannot be enjoyed in conjunction with other ZA Card promotions that involves ZA Coin rebates.

17.  All Rewards cannot be transferred unless otherwise specified herein.

18.  ZA Bank reserves the right to adjust, withdraw or cancel the Promotion, and to amend or revise any of these Terms in relation to the Promotion from time to time without prior notice and without assigning any reasons whatsoever.

19.  In case of any ambiguity, doubts or disputes arising out of or under any of these Terms or any communications, the decision of ZA Bank is final and conclusive in all circumstances without assigning any reasons whatsoever and no correspondence will be entered into.

20.  No one other than the Participant and ZA Bank (includes its successors and assigns) will have any right under the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Ordinance to enforce or enjoy the benefit of any of the provision of these Terms.

21.  These Terms are governed in all respects by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. The parties submit to the jurisdiction of the courts of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

22.  In the event of any discrepancy or inconsistencies between the English and Chinese versions of these T&Cs, the English version shall prevail.